Product features

Products are made to order, based on a precise customer’s plan and it is a composition of various items with several variations, finishes, colors and accessories. Production system is Make to Order oriented, products are made only after the customer’s purchasing order. Clabo competitive edge is the capability to handle a high complexity range of products in terms of time to market and lead time delivery to the final customers, with a highly configurable products.

Product profile In its products, Clabo have always sought the union between design and high level performances in terms of refrigeration and quality exposure.
Clabo product wants to represent the tradition of Italian design that uses the best technologies and available materials to furnish.
Types of Patents Clabo is the holder of some patents in gelato and pastry exposure world, like the movable shelves on 365 cabinet (which allows to convert a gelato showcase in a pastry one just by pressing a button) or the slanted and transparent pozzettos to make gelato visible to the customers.