Main customers


Sales structure

Number of Customers

Retail Customers

  • Primarily bars, ice cream shops, bakeries and cafeterias
  • Small or medium sized Customers, mainly located in Italy
  • Customers managed by a sales network throughout Italy
  • The total number of sales officers amounts to 16
  • About 1.200 year over year
  • Customers have an excellent retention, an average cabinet turnover is about 10 years following the shop’s renewal


Domestic and foreign Retail Chains

  • Primarily large retail chains with opening plans set in different countries
  • Customers are directly managed by Clabo head office
  • Typically stipulated through framework agreements (providing dozens of showcases in accordance with image and quality standards required)
  • Currently Clabo follows about a few dozen of large customers
  • These customers involve large volumes, which allow a great scheduling in terms of production planning
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