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1950 – 1980 Origin Origin of the Company dates back to the late 50s when the Bocchini family starts a small laboratory specialized in the production of furniture for ice cream shops, pastry shops and bars. In 1980 Claudio Bocchini founds Orion Srl, active in the industrial production of professional showcases for ice cream shops.
2001 Foundation Clabo was founded in 2001 in Jesi (AN) Central Italy. Orion becomes brand leader in professional furniture for restaurants and bars.
2002 – 2004 External growth In September 2002, acquisition of Artic in Montellabate (PS) and in December 2004 of FB De Ranieri in Massa (MS)
2005 In April 2005 Clabo acquires the US distributor which incorporates the brand OTL for the commercialization of ORION products in the USA.
2006 The group is growing rapidly and in 2006 counts over 400 employees working in 3 production sites in Italy including also the activities of the American distributor (OTL), becoming the first group in Europe for professional ice cream showcases. Clabo Group takes on first steps in order to go public on the Italian Stock Exchange.
2008 – 2009 Global crisis Due to the crisis that hit the global financial markets, the Group records a significant decline in sales and the planned listing is suspended in September 2008. At the same time Clabo Group launches a major industrial restructuring and reorganization plan which ends in December 2009 with the signing of an agreement with the banks for debt rescheduling.
2010 – 2012 Turnaround In 2010 the Group records a significant increase in sales (+10%). Clabo Group sets up a new industrial plan for the banks. The new plan includes the spin-off of the real estate properties from the operational part.
2013 Internationalization In 2013 Clabo Brasil and Clabo International China are founded, both fully owned by Clabo Group with the aim to boost exports in these growing countries.
2014 Listing Clabo takes up the listing process interrupted in 2008 and decides to go public on AIM Italy.